Friday, January 8, 2010

Video showcases Toccoa's downtown and area's attractions

This video was produced by Thomas Craven Film Corporation with funding from the United States Navy.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Georgia Govenor Sunny Perdue visits Currahee Military Museum

The Currahee Military Museum in downtown Toccoa hosted a special guest on Tuesday, January 5, when Govenor Sunny Perdue stopped by to see the exhibits and show his support for State Representative Michael Harden of Toccoa.

Perdue said he was impressed by the museum exhibits and learned a great deal about Toccoa and Stephens County.

“This is extremely well done,” said Perdue. “To walk through brought back a real spirit of gratitude and patriotism over what this community contributed, through the training of those heroes in World War II that literally changed the history of the world.”

“What you have ... has enabled me as governor to come and learn something about my own state, about how these men trained here in this area. Also, I didn’t know Paul Anderson was born here either. Obviously, with the Paul Anderson home and what he did for the lives of young people is very important.”

Representative Harden said he was pleased to have the Govenor's support and was glad he could show the Govenor the Currahee Military Museum.

In addition to viewing the exhibits, Govenor Perdue oversaw construction of a new exhibit at the museum, which will showcase exhibits from local veterans of all wars. The new exhibit is scheduled to open in the Spring of 2010.

(Quotes of the Govenor were contributed by Charlie Bauder, News Director for AM 630 WNEG Radio. Photo curtsy of Jessica Waters, News Editor for The Toccoa Record.)